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  • Est 2012 over 10 years’ Experience local and not a franchise latest equipment brand new 32-thousand-dollar machine with high suction ensures we remove all the dirty water high heat kills germs and ensures carpet will be almost dry when we leave our business is built on training and systems so we know what we're doing to get you the best results
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning priced by m2 or by area eg: bathroom, laundry clean and treat grout scrub areas rinse and extract with tile spinner up to 800psi to leave your tiles sparkling clean
    Price: $11.75 Quantity:
  • Lounge/Upholstery single seating position 50cm steam cleaned note: extra sides and larger sizes extra add estimated seats below
    Price: $100.00 Quantity:
  • Leather cleaning & Conditioning per seat charge [ larger seats & stains or repairs extra]
    Price: $100.00 Quantity:
  • Stain Treatment Stain Treatment risk free policy if we make little or no change to a stain you have selected us to work on you won't be charged for the attempt note: Unfortunately, some stains are permanent and cannot be removed. We will advise you upon booking as to which ones you may have that can be corrected.
    Price: $45.42 Quantity:
  • BED/ MATRESS Vacuum pre-condition steam clean Note: sanitizing & stains extra
    Price: $200.00 Quantity:
  • BED/ MATRESS Vacuum pre-condition steam clean Note: sanitizing & stains extra
    Price: $100.00 Quantity:
  • Explanation urine has two components Salts and bacteria [ without getting too technical] it goes in as an acid and over time oxidizes and turns to a high alkaline [high PH eg: bleach] this sometime can cause permanent color loss and stains Salts are designed so the pet can retain moisture so old salts sometimes can have little odor until the humidity increases eg: vacant property no smell occupied property present smell due to increased humidity because bacteria also needs humidity to flourish we have options for Remediation NOTE: if you or past occupants have had any pets its recommended that we treat the carpet which is an additional service at an additional charge In addition, if we find pet urine adding a treatment to the cleaning is non-negotiable the reason is if you put a normal carpet cleaning product on the urine this activates the odor [the fresh pee smell, ammonia] which is the last thing you want if you have paid someone to clean your carpets
  • STAGE 2 PET TREATMEN and bacteria limitation carpet cushion and sub-floor contamination Note that severe treatments or larger areas may require more product resulting in increasT stage 2 topical treat carpet specialized products designed to remove salts and kill bacteria causing the odors then clean carpet as normal very effective against odorsed price
    Price: $136.25 Quantity:
  • PEST Flea Treatment level 1 Basic Flea treatment FOR MOVING OUT interior/exterior SPECIAL PRICE [ONLY WITH CARPET CLEANING]
    Price: $113.54 Quantity:
  • RUG CLEANING Light to medium soiling only in home Plus additions :eg stains, Pet treatment specialty or heavily soiled Rugs Cleaned off site at additional cost Note: Pre-inspection will determine final price what we need from you • Material type eg: wool, viscose or synthetic • Mould or Water affected yes or No • Has pets Been on it at any point in time • Is there any hole’s rips fading or stains • What’s the size of your rug and how many
  • Lounge room Living room over 10-20m2
    Price: $113.54 Quantity:
  • Carpet Cleaning Master Bedroom Master Bedroom over 10- 20m2 [ includes wardrobes]
    Price: $113.54 Quantity:
  • Carpet Cleaning Standard Bedroom [area] Average Bedroom,study,dining, large hallway 1- 10m2
    Price: $56.77 Quantity:
  • 1 Area Hall-Way or Landing large hallway 1- 10m2
    Price: $56.77 Quantity:
  • Price: $5.67 Quantity:
    stair tred or step
  • Price: $5.67 Quantity:
    stair bull nose
  • DATE preferred date note: will need to be confirmed
  • put preferred time note this will need to be confirmed guide only times usually are 730-8am 9:3010:30am 12:30pm-130pm or 2-2:30pm we are happy to try and work in with what times you need depending on availability
  • TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF LOCAL AREA BATHURST RETURN TRAVEL CHARGE PER/KM Please provide directions description of gate condion of access road driveway [example washed out road steep driveway] [also make us aware of any Safety hazards eg: dogs]
    Price: $1.38 Quantity:
  • Description special notes [note: NO advertisements]
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    Note minimum charge $300
  • If you are not onsite we can call you from site and send you a invoice that has PayPal or Bank transfer option this must be paid straight away before work is started All pricing will be determined onsite note phone or online pricing is just a guess based on information you have provided Our policy is to make sure your happy with the results and services you received ✓ And that you understand what results you can expect and what limitation there are ➢ This service is 100% non-refundable
  • Plain and simple we don't want to get sick if you have had covid or the flue or a tummy bug or anything else please tells us so we can make your booking once your well [ example covid wait 1 month after your better] this prevents illness spreading and allows us to keep working
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