About RNS: Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to RNS Carpet Cleaning the experts in carpet cleaning,

Hi Jason here from RNS Carpet Cleaning , at RNS we strive to be totally unique to your traditional carpet cleaner, we treat all our customers like family and look after them with a personalized service that asks the right questions so we can provide a exceptional service that can’t be beaten or matched

It is very simple but it works

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Expert knowledge
  • Attention to detail, time taken to do job properly

The Question we ask is what is important to our customers

  • High Quality
  • Value for money
  • Customer services
  • Trained Professionals


The fact is that there are a large percentage of Carpet cleaners out there that have been doing it for a long time, some over 30 years, who are not trained, and have been doing it wrong.

The importance of knowing what you’re doing when cleaning a carpet is essential because every carpet is unique and if cleaned incorrectly will damage your carpet,,  and in some cases even your floor, the fact is that your carpet takes up a very large percentage of your property and is an asset, you must know what you’re doing.

You wouldn’t employ a builder who is not qualified. “Would you”

I started cleaning Carpets back in 2008 as a car detailer at a large shopping complex. During this time, I cleaned some of the dirtiest carpets around and that is where the interest began. So in 2012 I decided to take the plunge and start my own business this being my second business means I’ve already learnt allot about running a great business, so I did some research and found a leading training provider and attended there courses.

I met heaps of great people in the industry and learned how technical carpet cleaning is I then went on to buying the latest equipment and chemicals.

I then designed my business , on the principles that there was something missing in this industry that I could provide, and its simple good personalized customer services with a premium services that can’t be matched, the enjoyment of giving people results is my mission leaving my customers feeling like they have been really looked after is the best Feeling in the world I love doing this and am very passionate about Carpet Cleaning.

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